What is a Professional Organizer?  
The National Association of Professional Organizers, (NAPO), describes what a Professional Organizer does as such; “Professional organizers use tested principles and expertise to enhance the lives of clients. By designing custom organizing systems and teaching organizing skills, they help individuals take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, and their lives!” I couldn’t agree more. I was born with the talent to organize. I find it invigorating and highly critical in an otherwise chaotic and often disorganized world. My brain thinks in terms of space, function, and systems. In addition to organization experience and expertise, the important ingredients of a great organizer are the abilities to listen, teach, coach, and transfer their skills and thinking patterns to their clients. In doing this, I enable my clients to get the most out of working with me as a professional organizer.

Where do we begin?
We begin with a free 20-minute phone consultation. This is where you tell me about your organizing needs, frustrations, and other general information: Family size, career, home location, best available hours, etc. You can describe what you are envisioning your life and space to look like. If we think we will be a good fit we can then schedule a 1-hour in-home consultation.

In-home consultation:
An in-home consultation is a great opportunity for me to see your space, for you to meet me, and for us to create a work plan. When I see your space, I will give you countless ideas to get started and systems that might work for your space. The in-home consultation is one hour and costs $75. As an incentive to get organized soon, if you hire me for one or more sessions after our in-home consultation, a one-time credit of 1-hour will apply to our first 4-hour session. Put another way, on your first session, this is like purchasing 3 hours of organizing time and getting the 4th hour free.

Am I there while you organize?  
Yes or no. I have many clients who only want the organizing service and are not interested in learning how to organize or maintain the organization. This is perfectly acceptable and completely depends on the individual. The majority of my clients are looking for a lifestyle change that they are a part of and will maintain over the long haul. Clients who work with me will learn the skills to organize, maintain, and apply to other areas in their life. However, with both types of clients, it is up to the individual to maintain and sustain on their own or have me back for touch-ups and maintenance.

Think of this analogy to help decide which is right for you: Two people want to loose weight. Person A wants a chef to come into the home and cater every meal in a healthy way without person A having to think much about what he is eating. Person B chooses to see a nutritionist to learn about the foods she is eating, how to make healthier choices, and how to prepare the foods. The nutritionist takes her grocery shopping, stocks her pantry, makes a plan, tells her what to buy, etc…  Both can be a lifestyle change and in each case, both people can lose weight. Person A is having it done and maintained by the chef’s effort. All person A has to do is keep employing the chef and eating the healthy food created by the chef. If the chef stops coming, Person A might be back to square one unless he or she also learned along the way. Person B is much more apart of the change and therefore is more likely to maintain the weight loss because the skills were transferred.

How long is each session?  
Each organizing session is 4 hours. Over the years, I have found that 4 hours is enough time to get into the project by deconstructing the space, sorting the objects, and re-organizing the remaining items. For larger projects like basements, attics, garages, and storage spaces, I may recommend scheduling 6 hours. If I am working with a client for a 6-hour session, many small breaks will be baked into the timeframe. The 6-hour session is on a case-by-case basis for both the organizer and the client.

Do you quote rates based on project?
No, I do not. Each client is unique on how they process information, make decisions, and work with me. I charge on a per-hour basis and work my tail off when we are on the clock. For pricing, please call 720.460.1981

What areas do you service?  
Denver Metro including; Arvada, Brighton, Broomfield, Denver, Derby, Erie, Frederick, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Louisville, Niwot, Northglenn, Superior, Thornton, Westminster, Boulder, Eastlake, Firestone, Longmont

What types of spaces and “stuff” do you organize?
Let me put it this way: There isn’t much I won’t organize! Because every organizer loves a list, here is a starter list: attic, basement, kitchen, living room, family room, dining rooms, bathrooms, closets, drawers, cabinets, bedrooms, child’s bedroom, kids playroom, toys, study area, craft room, garage, storage areas, storage unit, home office, home based business, mobile office, filing system, paper files, and family calendar & scheduling, car, college dorm room. Don’t see it on the list?  Drop me a line or a call and we can discuss. Also, as a professional organizer, the best things I can know are my own limits. If I don’t feel comfortable and I know it is beyond my scope of work, I have a national network of experts that I am happy to refer you on to.