Catherine Brinks has a PASSION for helping people learn what style of organizing is right for them! It’s too easy to be duped by a Netflix show that in 1 hour the space or the whole home is completely transformed. That makes for great television but it’s not real life. It gives unrealistic expectations, taking the winds out of the sails. Since 2009, Catherine has found that change is never easy but with patience, realistic expectations, a guide, and a little hard work, staying organized can be easily managed for years to come.

Catherine practices what she preaches. She is a firm believer that order in your life and home can give us the best version of ourselves. She and her husband Sean have 3 daughters and a son, who passed at birth. She has a non judgemental attitude and has experienced the highs and lows that life brings. Whether you are newly single, downsizing, moving, working from home, struggling with physical or mental health, homeschooling, planning a wedding, having a baby, or just plain overwhelmed, Catherine can help.

For your free 20-minute consultation, call Catherine at (720) 460-1981 or drop her a line at catherine@ducksinorder.net