These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Post Date: August 30, 2013 | Post Category: Uncategorized

No, I’m not talking about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; I’m talking about the aces I keep up my sleeve. As an Organizer, I have found my “go-to” organizing products. I thought I should share my divine findings because who doesn’t love a good excuse to peruse the aisles of Target?

Product #1 Sterilite Clear Plastic Bins

These are my absolute favorite!  I like the idea of color-coding with Halloween colors or Christmas colors, but they then become harder to repurpose.  I like conformity, (again this is my OCO- Obsessive Compulsive Organizer inside of me). I recommend to clients to buy a staple bin for mass storage, (that they will sell for many years).  I am sure we can all relate to losing a bi, having cracked lids, and mismatched bins.  Bin conformity helps eliminate some of that.  If you have multiples of the same size, color, and shaped bins you can reduce your chances of multiple topless bins! Also, the clear bins gives you chance for visual cues like when you are trying to retrieve that long lost bowling trophy in your basement for your fire mantel.

I store just about anything in these BPA-free, clear bins. Camping gear, out of season clothing, holiday décor, toys, memorabilia and pictures, (all clear Sterilite bins are acid free to help your pictures from deteriorating, awesome, huh?) Always buy in bulk when on sale. I love having more than enough bins to keep organizing efforts flowing along.  It can be a set back when you don’t have enough storage bins on hand.  Again, over estimate how many you will need because chances are…you will find yourself buying things just so you can use these clear beauties!

Product #2 Command Hooks

ImageThis one of a kind patented adhesive and hook is a real showstopper!  I swear there is nothin’ this adhesive can’t do!  These little hooks make hanging anything a breeze without having to buy a hook, drill in the hook, miss the stud, re-drill the hook, patch the wrong hole…. well you get the point! Double check the packaging because the poundage it can support differs from style and price.

I think they are fabulous for jewelry, holiday decorating, Children’s playrooms, on children’s toys, (like kitchen sets, storage units), mudrooms, and just about anywhere!

What are your favorite organizing products?  Is it anything that has been life changing or space changing?